Once again, we have organized astronomical camps for young people from Suzak region in southern Kyrgyzstan on the shores of Lake Issyk-kul, where our rehabilitation center for disabled children is located.

Two groups participated at the event. Each group consisted of about 50 people. There were young people from eight schools together with teachers. We were helped by volunteers from Poland together with Fr. Scholastic Radek Borawski SJ.

Apart from the classes conducted by Polish astronomers, we put emphasis on trips. The official purpose of the camp approved by the local educational authorities was to observe the night sky. Conditions of Issyk-kulu were excellent! Young people coped well with finding distant galaxies, nebulae, open and even globular clusters. The weather was good. We spent the evenings staring at the objects seen with the naked eye as well as the deep sky objects. Certainly, many participants have been overjoyed at the work of Creation. Group activities during which we used telescopes, observations of heaven brought us closer to God. For this purpose we sowed the seeds and the time will show what will be yielded.