On September 19, a presentation of Andriy Zelinsky’s SJ book „Anatomy of a Warrior” took place in the artistic space „Tower on Pochayna” (Kiev, Ukraine). This is the second book published by the Ukrainian Jesuit this year, after the allegorical fairy tale „Semen’s Stars”.

„Anatomy of a Warrior” is a book about the warrior that lives in each of us. About the changes we can make in our lives if we become aware of our own experience and path. This is a book dedicated to all Ukrainian soldiers – both those who fight on the front line and those who fight for their right to exist every day in hundreds of other ways.

Moreover, it is a book for everyone who wants to move forward, cares about his own development and believes in the power of the human spirit.

Father Andriy Zelinskyy SJ (born 1979) is a Jesuit, military chaplain, political scientist, teacher, co-founder of the Ukrainian Leadership Academy and best-selling author.

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