In an online conference on Feb 11, 2021, the Russian version of La Civiltà Cattolica was launched. It is based in Moscow and curated by Fr. Victor Zhuk, S.J., from Vitebsk, Belarus. Its task is to deepen the dialogue between Christians from different churches, most of all, between Orthodox and Catholics, between faith, culture and society in the context of Russia and the countries that use Russian as their lingua franca.

The speech on this occasion was delivered by Orthodox hieromonk Ioann Guaita. It was dedicated to the 5th anniversary of the encounter between Patriarch Cyrill and Pope Francis in La Habana, Cuba (Feb 12, 2016). Fr. Ioann presented his view of where the Russian Orthodox and the Roman Catholic churches are going and what that means for their dialogue. He also offered a view of the spiritual dimension of the La Habana encounter.

The website welcomes anybody who knows Russian: